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If you are looking for an accurate weather app which can track microclimates and also offers an exceptionally detailed weather data on almost about anywhere on the globe, then the Wundermap app is the app to search for. Actually, searching Wundermap wouldn’t seem to help that much or you can end up finding nothing with this name. The reason being replacement of the app with Weather Underground. The Weather Underground replaced Wundermap in order to present something fresh and more universal, by the people behind it. Even though the name of the application has been changed, but it still refers to its elements as Wundermap, so we’ll be using the same too.

Wundermap Review
Wundermap Review

Download Links of Wundermap App for iOS and Android

Review of the Wundermap Application

Wundermap uses data from around 180,000 local and home weather stations around the world to deliver the detailed information and map data including storm warnings and all other sorts of weather-related information.

The Wundermap application brings to life some of the very important information by providing real time data related to air pressure, wind speed, temperature, cloud cover and almost anything and everything you need for the various areas with the changeable weather conditions, which proves to be ideal for people who practice activities like outdoor sports, sailing or fly on a routine schedule.

Just download the Wundermap application and grant it the location access and you are good to go. You can download it from the download links provided above. The Wundermap application adds layers into map based on the type of data you are looking for. You can switch between the options of having a simpler overview or a detailed one including stuffs like barometric pressure or wind speed.

The former and the original Wundermap application used to have some bugs which were completely taken care of in the latest version of the application. The app can be downloaded for free but it does contain in app purchases to remove ads, which alternatively can be done by contributing to the weather data of the application. The ads are safe and does not seem to be intrusive at all.

If you travel frequently or love to explore new areas of the globe, there is an option called Weather Webcam in the app which connects with the 50 different parts of the world, crossing areas across Asia, Europe and even Australia. There are 50 different webcams on the website available on the website that can be used by just one tap or click.

The interface is pretty complex and could take a while to fully get in touch or control with the number of features available on the website or the application. Although every inch of the Wundermap application is quite perfectly labelled and comes with a legend to help you get going without messing up. It would cost you only $1.99 per year so the money doesn’t seem to be any reason for not using the application. The application is pretty good and does hold pretty good on almost every ground and we are unable to figure out any trouble or reason that we should pass on as recommendation.

Final Words

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