Tyra Karn's Location in Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Tyra Karn’s Location in Destiny 2

Location of Tyra Karn in Destiny 2: Hey folks, If you play and Destiny 2 and wants to know all the tips and tricks of this game, then you are at the right place. Today, In this blog we will tell you how can you find the location of Tyra Karn in Destiny 2. So, before moving ahead if you haven’t heard of this game ever before, we are giving you a brief introduction of the Destiny 2 and after that Who is Tyra Karn and location of Tyra Karn in Destiny 2.

So, to find out Tyra Karn’s Location in Destiny 2 read the article below.

Introduction of Destiny 2:

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer shooting game for play station 4, X-Box one and Microsoft Windows published by Activision. The game is divided into two types which are player v/s environment and Player v/s player. In this game, players can communicate with each other by messaging with the help of their gaming consoles. You can read in detail about this game here. As this article is about the location of Tyra Karn in destiny 2 So let’s see who is Tyra Karn in destiny 2? 

Who is Tyra Karn in Destiny 2?

Tyran Karn Destiny 2
Tyra Karn Destiny 2

Tyra Karn is a Crytarch in the game who decodes the engrams and seeks for the treasures of humanity’s pasts. She is a vendor and NPC. She was forced to stay at the farm only. To Find her, land on the farm, head directly towards the north and you will find her quickly and silently.

When you won this game for the first time, You will be given a quest by Master Rahool to speak with Tyra Karn related to some research. After meeting Tyra and spoken for this quest you will get an item called “Relics of the Golden Age“. When you get this item, You will be given two objectives which you have to complete with Drang (Legendary Sidearm). You can purchase it from Tyra Karn for 10 Legendary Sharts.

Two objectives are :

  1. First Objective is to defeat multiple fallen with the Drang without reloading it.
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  3. In the Second objective, You have to kill defeat a very powerful Fallen in the game with the help of Drang.

Now, we hope that you have the required knowledge about Tyra Karn. So, without wasting more time let us discuss the main question Where is the location of Tyra Karn in Destiny 2?”.

Where is the location of Tyra Karn in Destiny 2?

When you are in the last of the game and doing a quest in which you have to find Tyra Karn and Speak to her. You will get confused about where the hell is the location of Tyra Kart? I have gone through the same at that time. I was not able to see the location of Farm on the map. As now it has been disappeared from the map. You know, Tyra Kart is actually located on the Farm. Because of so many NPC’s, you can easily lose the track of who is where? 

The farm is not appearing the Destinations screen in Destiny 2. What should we do know? Below are the steps to find the location of Farm in Destiny 2 where Tyra Kart is located:

1st Step: Open Destinations

2nd Step: Select the Earth and On Right-hand side look on the top right corner of the map.

3rd Step:  Now, you can see the farm there.

4th Step: You will see the Tyra Karn Straight Away in left from where you spawn it.

If you want to find this Cryptographer and you are not at the end of the game then still you can find her at the same location in the farm. Just find the Farm in destinations, go there and you will find her. It is not very difficult to find Tyra Karn’s location in Destiny 2. For more information, you can drop your query in the comments below. We would love to help you.

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