Samsung Gear S4 Expected Features and 2018 Updates

Samsung Gear S4 expected features 2018 updated

Samsung Gear S4 expected features 2018. We all are eagerly waiting for the upcoming smartwatch of Samsung i.e. Gear S4. Samsung gear series is quite impressive and eye-catching. But Can you imagine, A watch measuring your blood pressure on its own? Samsung’s latest patent reveals that Samsung gear s4 can come up with a blood pressure monitor in it. According to the patent filed by the Samsung, A light sensor which we use to measure the heart rate in most of the fitness trackers can be used to measure the Blood pressure of human body.

Blood Pressure Monitor in Samsung Gear S4:


Yes, this next generation technology can be introduced by the Samsung this year in their upcoming Samsung Gear S4. Till now, we don’t have this feature in any other smartwatch. Yes, they can measure heart rate and track fitness but measuring blood pressure on its own is a really very unique feature. If Samsung Gear S4 comes with this unique feature in the market then no doubt it will affect the sales of Apple smartwatch series. Moving ahead towards the other unique features of Samsung Gear S4.

Gear S4: Some other expected unique Features

Attractive Looks and Display

Samsung Gear S4 will be lighter and slim. It will look so classy and attractive on the wrist in comparison to Samsung gear s3. If we talk about its bezel, Obviously it is the best part in Gear S4 it rotates by which we can navigate the menu. It is quite impressive. Some people like heavy watches and big dials but not everyone So, I think Samsung Gear S4 will come in so many models. In Gear S4, there will be no hardware button available on the screen. Yes, you read it right you have to tap on the screen to turn on the display as there is no button available.

Long Battery Backup with every time running display

It is supposed to have a very good battery life as compared to Samsung Gear S3. It will work for long even if the display is on every time and the user is using it. But we heard that Samsung Gear S4 will be heavy because of the heavy battery. So, We think Samsung should look after it and try to make it lighter.

Samsung Gear S4 Supports More Apps as compare to Gear S3 and Gear S2

Samsung Gear S3 supports so many apps like fitness apps, gaming apps, and so on. You can check the list of Samsung Gear S3 apps and Samsung Gear S2 apps. Similarly, Samsung Gear S4 will support all these apps even more than these. It will work smoothly even after installing all the apps as it will run Tizen OS in it. Let’s read about the operating system of Samsung Gear S4.

Samsung Gear S4 operating System

Gear S4 will most likely to run the Tizen OS. Do you know, What is Tizen OS? It is the best dedicated operating system build by the Samsung. In 3.0 version of Tizen, We will have 64-bit compatibility and it will support 4K Ultra HD graphics and image.It will also support speech recognition.

Gear S4 Camera

How can we forget the camera of Samsung Gear S4? This is also the best feature in this device. Samsung Gear S4 will have the camera with optical zoom in the middle of the watch. Isn’t it sounds so cool? Yes, it is. I am eagerly waiting for the launch of this smartwatch. You can check out the release date of Samsung gear S4.

Well, Till now we have found only these updates about the Samsung gear S4. On the basis of these, we have mentioned the Pros and Cons of Samsung Gear S4. Let’s have a look at them.

Pros and Cons of Samsung Gear S4

We have read all the news and rumors about the Samsung gear s4. On the basis of these, we have written these pros and Cons of Gear S4.


  • It will be attractive because of its smart round design.
  • Samsung Gear S4 will have the Tizen OS which will be very smooth and fast.
  • It has the rotating Bazel which is a very impressive feature in it. We can rotate bezel to navigate the menu.


  • It has very less customizing options.
  • Offer a less number of High-quality apps.
  • Voice control is not very responsive.

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