Best Roku Private Channels (1)
Best Roku Private Channels

Best Roku Private Channels

Best Roku Private Channels: Roku might not be popular as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video; but it does provide a premium lot content. It gets over the top content from various partners (or channels). Roku manufactures a series of media streaming devices that allows you to stream content from various channels on your TV. The Roku streaming menu includes a number of premium channels including Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Roku Channels

Roku Channels are the medium to watch numerous movies, TV shows, news broadcasting from across the globe, and even live streams from a number of organisations. Most of these channels are public, i.e., it is easy to locate for anyone. It also means they are available for all without any further charges. However, there are some channels that are private, i.e., are harder to find and require an access code.

Best Roku Private Channels
Best Roku Private Channels

More About Private Channels

Roku channels could be private because they have explicit content that deprives them from being listed publicly, or they might be under Beta testing, i.e., the providers are still working out on links. They can be directed to a private or specific audience, that answers the question affirmatively that can you create a private channel for a specific audience (say you and your friends) to watch?

These channels can be private but that doesn’t mean all of them are hidden or are not available for public consumption. A few searches on the internet and you can get them. You will be needing access codes for these channels. As a matter of fact, most of the popular channels on Roku are, or at some specific point, were; private.

Must See Private Roku Channels

So, now that you have known that you can get the access codes of Roku private channels, you must be wondering of going out on the internet and start looking for them. Well, we’ve done this for you and present you some of the best Roku private channels.

Nowhere TV

Access Code: H9DWC

This Roku private channel streams live television from various sources across the globe. Nowhere TV streams content from ABC, BBC, HBO and many more premium channels with the best available programming. It also streams podcasts from various international sources, like France, Russia, Germany, just to name a few. It has a versatile programming, providing quality content. On the top of that, it provides all of its content absolute no cost.


Access Code: NMEVA

It is an internet based television streaming channel that streams live TV from all over the world. Though it is a standalone service and it does have a private channel available through Roku. Over 700 international channels including the full suite of over the air UK channels have been licensed on FilmOn. You can even record up to an hour long video for later viewing, all for free on FilmOn.

The Internet Archive

Access Code: BNMJS5

This channel, also known as Nowhere Archive, has a premium collection of old films, cartoons and shows. You get the privilege to watch silent films, Film Noir mysteries, and B-list science fiction. Betty Boop and Popeye are also there with the exact same glory as they used to have back then. You can even watch old commercials and movie trailers.

Ace TV

Access Code: acetv

If you are a fan of classic martial arts films, hilariously tacky science fiction and horror B-movies, then Ace TV is perfect for you. Classic television commercials enhance the watching experience by giving you the complete time travel feel. Ace TV mainly collects B-movies.

Itunes Podcasts 

Access Code: ITPC

iTunes lets you access a variety of podcasts. Any podcast that suits your interest can be found on iTunes Podcast. You can only watch free podcasts on this channel, as it is a free channel. If you crave for paid podcasts, you have to access them through iTunes directly.

Cowboy Classics

Access Code: COWBOY

This channel is a treat for John Wayne fans. Cowboy Classic features a diverse content providing you with almost everything related to western including bar brawls and high noon duels. The channel has about 60 classic films from the 1920s to 1980s, including ‘The Good’, “the Bad’ and ‘the Ugly”.

Silent Movie Channels 

Access Code: ROLLEM

If you are fan of Buster Keaton, then this is a must watch channel for you. This channel has a pretty decent lot of silent films for a variety of genres and cultures.

Great Chefs


This PBS exclusive show was aired for 700 episodes before it went off the air. If you missed any episode back then or wish to relive the show or you’re looking for the recipes shown during the episode, then this channel is the place to be.

Wilderness Channel 

Access Code: FL1821095

This channel streams programs related to hunting, fishing and tracking. You get to learn about camping, backpacking and general wilderness survival skills by watching the shows on the Wilderness Channel. Moreover, the channel streams live videos from The National Parks Service and Parks Canada.

Space Time

Access Code: CN6MRTG

This channel features all space related content, including content from world space agencies like NASA. This channel is also free on Roku. It has an interesting lot of content for light enjoyment as well as heavy details.

Neon Party Games

Access Code: H2CLHP

Tis channel features many interactive games which you can played in a solitaire style by using your smartphone or tablets. You can play them with your friends too.

Unofficial Twitch

Access Code: TwitchTV

Yes, you guessed it right. It is the channel of the number one streaming platform for gamers, available for free on Roku. You can search your favourite game and can watch the stream of that game by your favourite player.

Relax TV

Access Code: VRQHQ

As the name suggests, this channels does relax your wits. It contains tropical lagoons, calming rain storms, serene ocean sunset and many more mesmerising scenes. It also has an electronic fish tank and a fireplace to add more touch of nature to your room.

Goats Live

Access Code: GoatsLive

The one of the most 25 most interesting webcams listed by EarthCam, this goat spying webcam is all about goats. It has gone from 24-hour goat TV to weekly video updates. You can have a look at the channel, after all, you need to take all the goats you can get.

You can check out for more private and public, and updated list of channels as new channels are popping up all the time. If we miss any channel or you know any good Roku private channel, do drop a comment.


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