This Small and Easy iPhone Trick will Resolve your iPhone Storage Full Issue
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How to Save More Storage Space on iPhone?

How to Prevent iPhone Storage Full Warning? This is the era of smartphones, and people love their smartphones, don’t they? But, as an iPhone user, many of us can relate to something, which has bothered us a lot. No, No! I am not talking about the Lightning Cable Quality issues, it would suck anyway! But, here is something which can relieve you a lot. And I know, this build up is getting to go too far now, so I’ll just cut it here. Today while scrolling through the Men’s Health Mag, I just came across This Minor iPhone Trick will Help You Fight The Storage Space Issues. So, I just couldn’t help myself from sharing it here.

This iPhone Trick will Help You Fight iPhone Storage Full Warning:

Well, the best thing about this trick is that it is very very simple. You don’t have to do a lot to get this do your work. And, then it will just take a minute or two of yours.

Below here are the steps to follow, which will get you have more space on your iPhone:

1). Go Open the iTunes Store:

Go to the iTunes Store, and type search War and Peace in the Films Section. Open the Thumbnail and click on the Rent Button.


iTunes Store War and Peace Movie HD Rent

*(You are not paying anything by now. You won’t even pay anything at all)

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2). Download Starts:

Now, that you have clicked the Rent HD Movie Button, the movie download process will try to begin. But, as your iPhone doesn’t have Storage Space above 8.8 GB (Which is what the movie sizes at), the Download will fail with a Message like below.

Storage Space not Enough

3). Enjoy more Space:

Now, that the download has failed, you need to go to Settings>General>Storage & iCloud Usage and you can see that the Storage Space on your iPhone has increased. Feels Great, right?

General Settings iPhone 6s

Storage Space available on iPhone

Final Verdict about Increasing Storage on Your iPhone and Resolving Major Storage Space Issues:

As I guess, this happens because when we go on to downloading the Movie, it clears up the extra space which gets stored in the Cache Memory on our iPhone. By cleaning this Miscellaneous Data, the Software tries to fit the Movie into our iPhone’s little storage, at which too it fails in the end. And, all this Helps us Resolve our iPhone Storage Full Warning.

I had around 2 GB of Space before I tried this, I would share the old screenshot if I had taken it. I was just too excited to first try it myself. Anyway, now I have over 4.25 GB on my iPhone. So, you see it works well.

By the way, if you liked this post and found it useful, then go ahead and tell everyone about it. Share the post, and let people know of the amazing stuff happening around them. Stay Tuned for more.

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