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Madden for PC: Why is Madden PC still not here?

Madden for PC. NFL is a famous Football tournament in the United States, and the fan following for the characters might just appear insane to many of us. The thing is that they all love the NFL, i.e., National Football League. It is held there once in a year, and it holds a lot of buzz amongst the crowd that watches the game. Have you ever heard of it? Have you ever watched any of the NFL Games on TV? Or have you Played the Madden 18? If you don’t still know, let me tell you Madden 18 is a Football game, based on the NFL, with all its characters, and everything just as good as it would have happened in the real NFL. The first Madden came out in the year 1987 for a Gaming Console, and the game with the same name is now here.

But, what about those who have a PC, but not any Gaming Consoles? I know they can always go out to buy themselves a console, and play the game. But, is that really feasible in all cases? Is EA losing any followers or fans? Or is it all just about Business? Well, there are probably some good reasons behind EA not launching Madden on PC. Just that, to realize those, you will have to read this article here.

Madden for PC – What is the Game about?

Well, as I told in the section above, Madden is a good Football game, which has its base over the NFL which the United States holds. NFL is famous amongst the people of USA, and so is why EA Sports decided to take the torch up, and light the game up with name Madden. It was in the year 1987 that they launched the first Madden Game, which was a sensation back in the days. Although, if we compare that oldie to the newer versions of the game it would fail in all aspects, but hey, who’d be such a fool to compare two completely different versions?

Madden 18 on PC, Madden 18 for PC, Madden PC

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Anyway, Madden for PC is high on demand, but the developers at EA are not yet even planning to start developing it. Why? Does it mean that EA is ignorant towards PC Gaming? Well, looking at their track records doesn’t seem that they would leave a single chance to rock any of their gamers’ heads any moment. But, Madden PC is still not here. Why? Let us find in the sections below, but first, have a look at more news and Updates about the Madden.

Madden PC – Story, and Official Madden 18 Trailer:

The story of the Game revolves around a young boy, who aspires to be playing for an NFL Team once when he grows up. With this dream in his eyes, he works hard every day, to move a step ahead towards his goal of one day becoming a Professional NFL Player. And, then after training this hard for years and years, he finally gets the break. Finally, an NFL Team selects him, to make him play a Match, and there he goes running around the whole field and actually making a difference. The rest is just the game, and the story, which I would recommend you to once play and then realize what it means. Also, watch the trailer to know a bit more.

Madden 18 Official Launch Trailer:-

So, you see this one was the Official Madden 18 Launch Trailer. Read below this section to know What’s New in Madden 18?

What’s New in Madden 18?

Well, this is the first thing which any gamer would ask when he would know about a new version of any game coming out. Although Madden is a great game, still everyone who will be paying to Buy this game, would want to know what is exactly different in it from the NFL’s Madden 17. And, for that reason, I thought that it would be really nice if I Make a list of the new Features of Madden 18. So, yes the list is just below here.

New in Madden:-

  1. Option to Play Online: The best thing that I found in the Madden 18 is that now you can now Play Weekly Live Matches Online.
  2. Mut Squads: To play in the Madden Ultimate mode, you can now first form a team of your friends including 3 Players vs 3 Players.
  3. Change of Plan: Not that Madden has changed any Plans, but just that they have now added an option to change the whole game plan in the middle of the game. This way, you can actually feel the whole strategy go on, and yes this will give you a better user experience as a real NFL Footballer.
  4. Pass to Anyone now: In the earlier Madden versions, the feature to pass to anyone on the field was never introduced, while in this new version, you can actually Pass to anyone.
  5. New Play Styles: Well, this is something you would need to actually buy the game for.

So, you see these were some of the newest features that the EA Sports has added to the Madden 18. Also, there would be a lot new in the game, which you would be able to figure out only when you will Play it for at least once. And, the Game is already available on Play Station 4, and XBox 360. So, you know you don’t really have to wait any further to play the game.

Madden 18 Reviews:

If you have ever played any Madden Game, you would know that it is way more realistic than most of the other Football games. Unlike the other games it has a lot of its focus on making the game real, and the gamer experience worth every single $ paid by them. Even when the user base is just located in the USA, EA Sports has never sacrificed the quality of the game. Apart from all of this, if you are a Madden or NFL Fan, this game is really for you, and you should move ahead with buying a copy of this one, immediately.

Apart from this, the Graphics are all ultra HD, and the Performance is amazing for XBox 360, and PS 4. So, you know you should really play the game. Also, have a look at the Reviews Video below, if you have any other doubts too.

Madden 18 Review Video:-

So, this was the NFL Madden 18 Review. I hope this was satisfying to you. To know more about when will Madden for PC be available, scroll down.

Madden for PC: Why is Madden PC still not here?

Okay, so now coming to the crux. Why isn’t Madden on PC still out by now? When is Madden PC coming out? What does EA have to say? What are the Gamers talking around the world about this? Are we satisfied? Not really! But, what do we have in return, is important?

To be honest, for people who have been waiting for the Madden for PC, I have a good News and a Bad News. So, I will start with the Bad News first, so you can cheer up a bit after the Good news. The bad news is, that Madden PC seems not to be available soon. The reason behind this is that the Developers at EA are thinking that it won’t be worth the efforts. The developers have quoted that unlike FIFA 17, the Madden is famous only in the States (USA). This means that the Fanbase for the game is pretty much limited. That is the reason why, even if they launch a PC version for Madden, it might just fail. And, this failure would obviously mean a huge loss of Money and time to the EA Sports.

So this is why Madden for PC, might not be coming out any soon. But, then there has to be a good news as well, right? And the good news is that Madden for PC’s arrival depends on Demand. And, who boosts the demand? People like you, me and all the other Football gamers, right? Yes, exactly as you thought. I am about asking you to encourage and make your friends aware of the fact that Madden PC will come out, once the demand goes up.


Now, this simply means that the demands for the game have not been enough, right? I mean I understand that NFL is pretty famous, and all, but what is the fame good for if the demand didn’t reach the EA Sports? The best thing that we can now do is make our friends aware. If you want to play Madden on PC, you need to make your friends aware. The more the fans ask for it, the earlier will it be out. And, you know the fun of PC Gaming, right?

All of us have been at that stage at least at some point in time. And, for now, this was all about the Madden for PC. I hope you found this article useful. And, if you did, then share it with your friends as well. Also, if you find our content useful, then stay in touch via Facebook and our Newsletter. We try to update this website’s content every other day.

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  1. Madden 18 game is the best after other madden game. The ultra HD graphic technologies are using in game.

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