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Best, and Most Loved Madden 18 Walkthroughs

Madden 18 Walkthroughs. Have you loved Madden? Do you still play the 1987 Classic one at times? Well, that is not the real question here, then what is it? Well, as you are here, reading this post, I can guess that you must have been looking for some of the best Madden 18 Walkthroughs, and if you are then this is the right place for you. So, to get to watch the best and the most loved Walkthroughs of the game, stay tuned, and keep reading.

The purpose of Watching Madden 18 Walkthroughs:

Well, this is something which isn’t too hard to guess. If you were ever into Video Games and ever played any game, which bothered you a bit. By bothering I mean to say, that if you ever felt stuck in the game, then you might have had chosen to watch a video on the Web. Watching that video, you would have been able to clear the level, which was bothering you. This is what a Walkthrough does. So, if you are having troubles, completing a challenge, or to achieve anything in the game, this might be the thing for you. Go on, watch these best Madden 18 Walkthroughs.

Best, and Most Loved Madden 18 Walkthroughs:

Madden 18 is a Gaming version of the Football Tournament, held in the United States of America, named NFL, where NFL Stands for National Football League. Among all the people who are a Football fan, and reside in the US, this game is very famous. Madden features the whole story of the start Footballer of the game since he was a child, and when he used to learn Football, as a poor kid, and then how he gets his first break to play for a team in the NFL, and then how he kills it. Like, literally.

Watch Best Madden 18 Walkthroughs of All Time

The game is cool, and people love it, just that its release by now has been limited to XBox 360, and Play Station 4, and that is why Madden is still not available on PC. But, even if you haven’t yet played the game, you can at least watch the Walkthroughs and enjoy, right? So, let’s do that right now!

1). Madden 18 Longshot Walkthrough – The Beginning Ep.1:-

Okay, so this is the Brand new Madden 18 Longshot gameplay. Longshot is a story mode in Madden 18! Enjoy. And, this is going to give you an introduction to how the game really is. So, watch the video to know more.

2). LONGSHOT MADDEN 18 STORY MODE Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – Intro (PS4 Pro):-

This Madden 18 Story Mode Walkthrough includes a Review and Chapter Act 1 of the Longshot Madden 18 Story Mode for PS4 Pro, Xbox One X. Also, you will be able to have a review of the game by watching the video below. So, what are you waiting for? Go on, and watch more.

3). MADDEN 18 LONGSHOT Story Mode – FULL STORY Walkthrough No Commentary [1080P 60fps]:-

And this is the one Walkthrough, which all of us would want to watch. Well, the reason for that is that this one will feature the whole story, the whole gameplay, and everything else that the game has. This means, that if you can actually not get to play the game, you can at least watch the whole of it, here.

4). Madden 18 Getting Started MUT Guide Levels 1-8:-

Now, this one is to help you get started with the Mut Squads, as this is a MUT Guide from level 1 to level 8 for you. So, you know watching this would help you be proficient with the MUT Squads Mode of the Madden 18, interesting, right?

5). Madden 18 Longshot Walkthrough – Early Retirement?

And, this one might sadden a few of us, still, it has to be here, as this one is very important. Let us see, what this one holds, about the Hero Character’s Early Retirement from the NFL.

And, that was it. This was all too good, wasn’t it? Well, I could actually feel very much excited throughout the time, when I was watching these videos. Anyway, do let us know in the comments about how good you found these.

Also, don’t forget to check out the below section, for some of the best Madden 18 Tips.

Best Madden 18 Tips on How to be Unstoppable:

Well, the game is literally lit, and people are soon going to go crazy for it. I really hope that the demand goes so high, that EA Sports finally has to bring out the PC version of Madden 18 as well. But, till that happens, PS4, and XBox people keep enjoying. Here, are the best 101 Tips on How to be Unstoppable in the Madden 18.

And, this was all for now. I really hope you found this article useful, and if you did, then share it with your friends as well, who are Madden Fans. Also, stay in touch with us, for a lot more such content, relating to Technology, and Gaming too.

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