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My iPhone Screen is Black: What to Do?

iPhone Screen Turned Black. Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular Smartphones on the Market. Although an Android Smartphone provides almost every feature, in a package which costs less, the Apple still remains the king, for its quality, its fanbase, and the super Clean iOS. But that would be true if it really was so flawless. While it really isn’t the most flawless thing on the planet. If you ever used an iPhone, you too might have encountered a few issues. I still remember, when my iPhone’s battery got empty, and when I tried to charge it, it took more than 2 hours to have enough power, for me to Switch it On. And, that is just one case. I have heard many people complaining that My iPhone Screen is Black. Although the issue isn’t the biggest, still for a $1,000 Smartphone, you’d worry too.

So, if your iPhone 6 Screen is Black too, then this article is for you. Read this post, everything that you are going to need to resolve this issue where your iPhone Screen Turned Black, and your iPhone stopped responding.

What does iPhone Black Screen Mean?

There is a lot of argument about what does it really mean, but in true means, it is nothing much. It’s just that people who aren’t very familiar with the issue when iPhone 6 Screen is black, are the ones who are most worried when it happens. For all those who worry about this, I am writing this article to make sure you don’t panic anymore.

iPhone 6 Screen is Black, iPhone Screen Turned Black, My iPhone Screen is Black

It is all just about a simple bug which can occur at times, and if not that, then iPhone Screen Turned Black issue is mostly in association with a poor Battery Life or lack of charge on the battery. So, if you too feel the pain and want to ask Why My iPhone Screen is Black, then keep reading.

My iPhone Screen is Black: What to Do?

This article here is to help you not panic when you have any important business with your iPhone, and your iPhone 6 Screen is Black (this method works for all the versions of iPhone). In a situation like this, you should know that there can be a few reasons which your iPhone Screen Turned Black for. And, once you take checks of all those reasons, you will be able to finally figure out, for yourself, why My iPhone Screen is Black. So, what say? Shall we start?

Answers (Reasons) to why My iPhone Screen is Black?

1). An App Suddenly Crashed:

On the older iPhones in the year 2018, you will certainly be facing this issue at times. The reason is the heavier iOS 11, which the older iPhones (iPhone 5s, and iPhone 6) aren’t really fit for. No matter how much you optimize your Storage Space and RAM, you can not get the best out of your iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 and this is the reason why several Apps might crash on your Older iPhones. This is the reason why iPhone 6 Screen is Black at many times.

To help yourself when an App Crashes, follow these steps:-

  1. Double tap on the Home Button in quick succession.
  2. This will view the Recent Apps on your iPhone.
  3. Now, see the suspect App, which you feel had crashed, and your iPhone Screen Turned Black, and swipe it up.
  4. This will force close this App.
  5. Now, try to reopen that App, and if the problem still persists then Remove that App, and Contact Support or App Developer.

Another answer to why My iPhone Screen is Black is below. You can read and find out by yourself.

2). The battery is Empty:

Although I know this one might sound a little stupid, I have been there and that is the reason why I Suggest you first try Charging your iPhone before actually jumping to any conclusions. I too remember my iPhone screen Turned Black suddenly, even when I had 12% battery remaining on the iPhone (at least that is what it showed before dying), but later when I charged it, it switched on, on its own.

So, if you want to know why My iPhone Screen is Black, this might be one of the reasons and for the same reason, try charging your iPhone.

3). Unidentified Reason to why My iPhone Screen is Black:

If you feel that there is something too wrong with your iPhone to figure out, then there might be an Unknown Cause. In such a case, I would suggest you try to Hard Reboot your iPhone. This will not make you lose any Data or anything else. Whatever there was on your iPhone before the Hard Reboot, will stay even after the Hard Reboot, and your iPhone might even start working right. So, to know How to Hard Reboot iPhone, read below.

  1. Simply, Press the Home Button, and the Lock Key at the same time.
  2. Keep holding the same way, till you see the Apple Logo on your iPhone Black Screen.
  3. Once, the logo appears, leave the Buttons, and that is it.

In most cases, this will work the best for you. After this, you wouldn’t need to do anything else. Still, if this doesn’t work, try to Restore your iPhone.

4). iOS Issue:

Another reason for the iPhone Black Screen is an iOS Issue which just might have gotten up on your iPhone. Although it is not anything unnatural, it can obviously worry you a lot. If all the other solutions on this Page, fail to work for you, then your Phone’s operating System might have started having a malfunction. The best thing that you can do to make this right for you is, restore your iPhone using iTunes on your PC. If you don’t know how to do that, then read and implement the Following Steps:-

  1. Download and Install the Latest iTunes on your PC. (Click here to Download iTunes)
  2. Now, connect your iPhone to the PC, and connect it to iTunes.
  3. In the Devices Section on iTunes, select the Device you have to Restore.
  4. Now, click to Restore iPhone, and enter the Apple ID and Password to proceed.
  5. Let the Software download, it will be somewhere between 2.3-2.5GB in 2018.
  6. Once downloaded, the Software will Install itself into your iPhone, and you will have an iPhone with the factory restored iOS.

Simple, right? Just that there is a tip, this method will hardly ever work on a Slower Internet connection, and luckily in 2018 there hardly are any slow Internet Networks.

5). Hardware Failure on your iPhone:

Another reason for you to know why My iPhone Screen is Black is a Hardware Failure. In many cases, the reasons and solutions above will be satisfactory in order to regain access to your iPhone, but what if the Screen broke from the inside, or an IC on your iPhone burned or maybe any other Hardware failure occurred on the internal circuits? Well, I know that this is one of the worst cases, and you would never want to imagine this happen to your iPhone, still, I need to bring the truth to you. If all the above methods fail to help you, you should visit your nearest Apple Store, and present your iPhone to them, so they can give you the best correct remedy.

In the case of a Hardware failure, this is the only possible way out. And, so you should do the needed as soon as possible.

So, this was it for now. Here, you read everything important about why My iPhone Screen is Black. And, I am sure that now you know what to do if your iPhone Screen Turned Black. Anyway, if you found this article useful, and found value in it, then please share it with your friends. Also, to stay in touch with our website, Subscribe to our Newsletter, and Like our Facebook Page.


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