Starbound: How to get crew members

How to get Crew Members in Starbound?

How to get Crew Members in the Starbound game? Starbound is an adventure game with full of action in it. Just like me, Are you also a fan of this game? If Yes, then Congrats! today I am going to share my best tips of this game. Well without wasting enough time let’s come to the point. In this article, I will tell you how can you get the crew members in Starbound?

Well, I know half of you are not aware that when will you need crew members and also who are crew members? and why do need crew members in Starbound game? Don’t worry I will tell you everything in this article. So now, Let’s start with the first question..!

Crew Members in Starbound
Starbound, Crew Members

When do we need the help of crew members in Starbound?

In Starbound, when you are on your adventure in space, there you will need a little bit extra help from someone. So, to help you at that you will look for the crew members because only crew members will help you in space whenever you need. I hope now it is clear to all of you at what time do we require the help of Crew members? Now moving forward to our next question

Who are crew members in Starbound?

Well, we know that some of you are completely unaware of the crew members. For those, who are not aware of crew members I will explain. In your adventure in Space, you need a little bit extra help. So, to provide you help in your adventure, there are some members in the game who will be along with you in the whole journey. You have to add those companion in your crew. Now, Question arises, How can you add them to your crew? You can get them easily by completing the quests for them or by helping them in any way. After helping them you gain their favor. Now, they will request you to join your crew and help you. There are also other ways by which you can add members to your crew. Let’s move ahead to get this answer.

Video Guide on How to recruit crew members in Starbound:

Below is video guide for you on how to get the crew members in Starbound.

How to Get Crew members in Starbound?

This is the main topic which I am going to share with all of you. Now, I will tell you how to get crew members in Starbound? You have to complete the quests by the crew members and to help them in any way. By helping them, you get their favor and they will ask you to join your crew. If you accept their request they will join your crew and will be with you on the adventure. I have already told this to you in the above paragraph. You can recruit crew by members in some other ways too. First, By killing the dreadwing and Second by purchasing Penguins.

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Once If you make every member happy to join your crew and be with you in your crew on the whole adventure, you’ll have to come back to your ship and drop off a team member. To leave them on the ship simply target them on the ship and then press E button. By this, you will leave them on the ship. You can repeat this method whenever you want to recruit more and more crew members. But Yeah don’t forget that you have to upgrade your ship in order to get more and more crew members. Only then you increase your crew members if your ship is upgraded.

How to upgrade your Ship in Starbound to get more crew members?

You can upgrade your ship by paying at the outpost for issuing the fake license or by getting a real license on adding to your crew Via SAIL. After this is done, you have to speak to NPC and you can upgrade your ship anytime. Once your ship is upgraded, you will get more space and you will be able to keep more people on your ship. Don’t forget to purchase the necessary upgrade modules. We are also sharing the Video guide on How to upgrade your ship in Starbound.

Hope the above article is helpful for you. If you have any query related to this and you want us to share some more tips on Starbound and on other games then let us know in the comment box. If you think it requires some modifications and changes then let us know, please. Thanks for sending your precious time on our site hope this time is utilized.

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