Honey Chrome Extension Review
Honey Chrome Extension Review

Honey Chrome Extension Review- Real or Scam

Honey Chrome Extension Review:  Honey is a Google Chrome extension which is meant to save your cash. This extension looks for the promo codes, vouchers and discounts on things you buy on the internet. It applies the promo codes, mostly at the time of check out, reducing your part of work to zero. Usually, the discount is not sky high but you save a dollar or two everytime. We tried and used this extension and here is a quick review of what the extension promises and what it really is.

By the way, you can download the Honey Chrome extension from here. It is also available on Safari and Firefox too, but we used it on Chrome, so we’ll be reviewing on the basis of our experience on Google Chrome.

Honey Chrome Extension Review
Honey Chrome Extension Review

Show me the Honey

Honey has apparently more than 5 million users. It is a pure voucher or promo code extension with coupons and Amazon deal tracking feature. After successful completion of the installation process, it will add a small Honey icon to the shopping pages, especially Amazon. The Honey Browser icon will also show up and will flash with a small green button if it finds deals on the site you are, at the time instance. Click on the icon to access the available deals. Select and click on the deal to visit the product page and apply the code if you wish to go with the deal.

You have to create an account with Honey to get started. You can do that by using Facebook or add an email address. The Amazon feature uses DropList. Once you have installed the extension, visit the Amazon product page, the extension will tell you if the deal you are looking for is the best deal available. It will also show you the other deals available through the icon so that you don’t miss any single one of them.

If you are planning to buy something, add it to your DropList directly from the Amazon shopping cart. The Honey extension will automatically track that product for you and will notify you when the best deal is available. You can set it to monitor for 30, ,60 or even 90 days and Honey will notify you by email about the varying discount.

Using Honey

Websites like Newegg are the places where Honey can save you a serious amount of money. All you need to do is to add the product to the basket. You will see a pop-up notification telling you there are discounts available on the product. It also tells you about the other places on the site where a better deal is available. If you opt for adding a code or activating a discount, Honey will apply a popup and will test all the codes available. It will take around 30 seconds to complete the process and once done you are good to go. You can then proceed to check out.

Be Aware while Using Honey

There are some adblockers that prevent it from working properly. A couple of websites didn’t show any discount at all, when I tested but they did after disabling the adblocker extensions. This doesn’t happen on all of the website, but it does on a few of them.

If you don’t find Honey working as expected, try with your adblocker disabled temporarily. Refresh the page and try again. If the extension works properly then after, whitelist the web page with your adblocker. This might affect the enjoyment of the extension otherwise you’ll end up with nothing.

We think it is a good extension to use and works fine in its limits and can save you a dollar or two on almost every purchase of yours.

Do let us know about your experiences with the Honey extension in the comments.

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