Best Torrent Search Engines
Best Torrent Search Engines

The Best Torrent Search Engines 2018

Best Torrent Search Engine of 2018: Bit Torrent or Torrent as we know it, is a Peer to Peer communication protocol and we have used it a lot for downloading any file that would have cost you a fortune if bought or is a bit large in size. Whether it’s a software or a complete TV series, or any movie, you name it and any torrent search engine will fetch a torrent for downloading that file.

But over a past couple of years the copyright holders have put these torrent sites in a deep trouble and have removed a few from the roots like KickassTorrents and Torrentz, just to name a few. But as we all know, on internet, as soon as one name disappears, there arise many to fill the gap. This is the exact same case with the torrent search engines. The copyright holders might have taken down a few prominent sites, but it does not help them any good. There are numerous sites where you’ll find your favourite torrents ready to be downloaded on a click.

The spread of torrent search engines has also given rise to some fake torrent search engines which are mainly aimed to steal your data and for malware and phishing attacks. Here are a few names.

Fake Torrent Search Engines

The takedown of the legitimate sites has given shed to some fake ones. For instance, the legit KickassTorrents website was shut down in 2016, but a fake version of the site quickly emerged up.

YTS was also taken down by copyright claims but it showed up again. The later reports claim that a new group has taken over the website, name and assets and was held responsible for the changes.

There are a lot of instances related to torrent scams and it occurs on a regular basis. But the need of the torrent overpowers the risk of scam. We are willing to take the risk as the torrent offers that much usability, in fact it opens doors to the world for free, which in our world would cost you a fortune.

Best Torrent Search Engines 2018

So moving on, here are some of the best torrent search engines available in the present scenario.

Best Torrent Search Engines
Best Torrent Search Engines


Available with the URL, the uTorrent search engine is one the best torrent search engines available on the internet. And as a matter of fact, it is powered by Google. Yes, Google it is. Hit your tiny arrow on the search bar, search your desired query and it takes you there with the hit of search button.


This torrent search engine looks and feels exactly as the, although it is a copy of the site. It is fast and reportedly indexes around 61 million torrents across the internet. Just enter your search item in the search bar and with the hit of enter button it shows up the search results.

You won’t find this torrent search engine to be pretty but surely is one the decent torrent search engine available. It lets you to include or exclude torrent sites during the torrent search. The search result selection is pretty good and it indexes almost all of the major torrent websites across the internet.

Torrent Project

The torrent project search engine indexes around 10 million quality torrent sites. The .se domain points to the Swedish origin of the website, which holds very well with security and privacy as Sweden has decent security and privacy laws. The search results are pretty good and credible.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrent search engine available on the internet. This is the website which is indexed very first by other torrent search engines for quality search results. There are many instances of takedowns by the law enforcement agencies but everytime the site rises up with a new domain name and the same quality. The Pirate Bay is probably the site of preference for a major portion of the users and it has every right to be.


RARBG has a powerful search engine and also categorises lists of torrents. It won’t be catchy to eyes in looks but performs a great deal of search and the search results are pretty credible. It has a wide range of TV shows and movies and also a number of premium of games and softwares. The site is running for a long time and holds a pretty decent reputation across the internet.


The most organised torrent search engine site in our eyes is 1337x. It categorises the torrents into various torrents and, the Top 100 and Trending Torrents is the feature loved most by the users. The 1337x has fought hard to stand where it is now and everytime it emerges polished and enriched in content. The site’s performance is pretty good and the search is very accurate and credible.

Lime Torrents

This website looks pretty clean and easy to access. It also categorises the available torrents and has an unmatched speed. One promising feature of the website is the Torrent health feature which tells the users how the torrent is performing.

How to Torrent Safely

So far we’ve been telling you which site to pick for better and improved search experiences, but you must know how to do it in order to be safe, which implies your data is safe and you get what you’ve searched for.

Many Law Enforcement Organisations and Copyright claimers are claimed to monitor some of the torrent websites, which at any point of time can cause trouble for you if you visit the monitored sites and look for “not supposed to” files over the torrent search engines.

Avoid directly browsing a torrent website, that means, prevent as far as you can using the torrent website on your standard web browser over a routine connection. Better use a VPN or Tor Browser for a bit more security. A combination of Tor Browser and a VPN can establish a private connection for you.

Here are some other methods to stay safe while accessing the torrent sites.

AD Blocking

If you are using your standard browser to browser the torrent sites, you better be using an ad blocker. As we all know, each and every torrent website shows pop up ads and some of them are reportedly dangerous. The Ad Blocker blocks these pop ups and prevents you from accidently clicking on any one of these. Also do avoid sharing your location and set your ad blocker for maximum optimisation for maximum protection.


Virtual Private Network or VPN is one of the most important tool required for using bit torrent safely. Make sure your VPN includes a kill switch. In case if it doesn’t have one, configure it with your firewall to have one. This is an extra layer of protection as it tends to cut off all bit torrent traffic immediately as soon as your VPN connection drops, for any reason.

File Safety 

Last but not least, the files downloaded with these torrent search engines need an extra eye. You’ve got to be sure about the safety of these files. Almost all of the files downloaded from these sites are legitimate ones, but no one knows when is your bad day and you get an infected one. You have to check these files personally for any kind of malware or Trojans. You can use any sort of antivirus programs or applications to check for the authenticity of the files downloaded.


If you know any other torrent search engine working better or equivalent than the above mentioned, or you know any more of the safety techniques, please do drop a comment.

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