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Samsung Gear S3 Apps: Download Best Gear S3 Apps

Best Samsung Gear S3 Apps: Are you a Samsung Smartwatch owner? Did you too fall in love with the Samsung Gear S3? Did you buy it too? Well, if you did then you must be looking for some ways to make your Smartwatch more usable in better ways. One effective way of doing that is by using different Samsung Gear S3 Apps. Samsung is one Brand name which has been famous for ages. People have known Samsung for manufacturing ultimate quality Electronic Appliances. Samsung Gear S3 is one of those. Using the Gear S2 many of us felt that the Band was too thick or too heavy, or the dial was too bulky, and some of us even experienced the Samsung Gear S2 to be lacking. Although it was one fine product, Gear S3 is something way better, and ahead of its time.

If you owned a Samsung Gear S2, then there were many apps which you could find useful for the Device (find gear s2 apps here). And, now if you own a Samsung Gear S3, then in t1his article, you will find the list of the Best Samsung Gear S3 Apps of All Time.

Samsung Gear S3: Introduction

For all those who are in doubts, Samsung Gear S3 is a Smartwatch by Samsung. It is one of the finest products by now, as it is the latest model, and has the best technologies which Samsung has ever introduced for a Smartwatch by now. Any Samsung Smartwatch owner exactly knows what he or she is doing while they are about to buy the watch. The thing with the Samsung Gear S3 is that its sleek design, the stylish bands, and dial along with the over the top performance make it something you crave for. I myself used this one for a few days or so, and the performance and results were the finest.

Whether you use it for measuring your Calorie Burn count, or for having a look at the Uber that you just booked. This watch can simply do all of that with proficiency. And, what else would one want from a Smartwatch? Well, the main purpose behind buying a Smartwatch is to be able to use your Phone’s functions, data, and features, even when you are on the go, and aren’t able to access your Phone. When you wear a Smartphone, you can answer texts, answer or decline calls, send call canceling messages, that you have saved, explore pictures, book cabs and what not! For sure, using Samsung Gear S3 will be fun and will make your life a bit easier, every day as you get used to it. And, when you install the right kind of Samsung Gear S3 Apps, the ones which will make it the best device, then you will just fall in love with it. Samsung has announced the Model number for its upcoming Smartwatch that can be Samsung Gear S4.

New Update: More Apps are added to the list of Best Samsung Gear S3 Apps. You would love to use these awesome apps in your Smartwatch. They are worth downloading and are very useful in our day to day life.

Features & Specifications of Samsung Gear S3

Every device has a set of features. It has some specs and qualities which make it different and more considerable for the users. That is the reason, why you should know about is that what features does the Samsung Gear S3 has. So, to know more about the Gear S3, and the Samsung Gear S3 Specs, read the Features below.

Samsung Gear S3 Specifications for Smooth Working Apps

  • Resistance: IP68 MIL-STD 810G (Frontier)
  • Case Size: 46mm
  • Band Size: 22mm
  • Dimensions: 46 x 49 x 12.9 mm, 62 g (Frontier) 46 x 49 x 12.9 mm, 57 g (Classic)
  • RAM: 768 MB
  • Processor: Dual-core 1GHz Samsung Exynos
  • Operating system: Tizen Wearable OS 2.3.2
  • Battery: 380 mAh
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, MST LTE optional (Frontier)

So, you see these were some of the most important Samsung Gear S3 Features and Specs. Although, if you already own a Samsung Gear S3, then these might be irrelevant now if in any case, you are going to buy a new Gear S3. To know about the Best Samsung Gear S3 Apps, have a look at the section below.

Best Samsung Gear S3 Apps of 2018

Now, that you have reached this point in the article, and are now finally willing and prepared to know about the 10 Most useful and most essential Samsung Gear S3 Apps, I will share the list below. Also, with the list, I will mention the exact use and the way you can make the best out of that particular App. So, go on and keep reading.

Facer App 

I remember the days when I used to own a Moto 360, and that makes me recall how useful an App Facer was. It was such a good App, that it would sync everything with the Dial, and would give you the best Faces according to your Smartwatch. The developers seem to have changed the Design and the interface a bit, still it stays the best Watch Face App on Android Smartwatches. This one has more than 1,500 Watch faces for you to choose from. So, you know that you might get tired exploring, but the App would never be tired of presenting.

Facer for Samsung Gear S3

Under Armour Connected Fitness Suite 

Although Samsung doesn’t provide third-party fitness apps a good sort of access, still the Under Arm Connected Fitness Suite will help you overrule that. With this one, you can access Apps like UA Record, MapMyRun, Endomondo. Apart from this the App also extends the choices that one would normally have in GPS Tracking and Route Viewing but apart from this, you can also keep a track of their diets.

Under Armour Connected Fitness Suit

Uber App

This is one App that is going to be really very useful App. If you are always on the Go and have to be traveling via Taxies, then Uber is one of the best Samsung Gear S3 Apps. This will save you a lot of time, you wouldn’t have to look for your Phone all the time, and you can easily track the Cab’s Location, and how long is the Driver going to take to reach you.

Uber for Gear S3

Nest App 

The Nest is another App for Smartwatches, which helps you a lot. It is one utility which will moderate the Temperatures and let you have a look at your House, when away from Home. Also with this App, you can monitor temperature and set the device status to either home or away and further you can control heat through the watch’s bezel.

Nest for Gear S3

Spotify App

Well, I know that Spotify kept most of us waiting, but now the wait has finally been over. Now, you can Download Spotify for Smartwatch. And then you can log in to your Spotify account and play the music of your choice by connecting to WiFi. Also, for the Premium Members, Spotify has provided a feature to make them able to listen to their favorite songs even when Offline.

Spotify on Samsung Gear S3

Flipboard News Briefing App 

Well, this is one App, which is way ahead of its time and is actually timeless. The reason is that Trends fade, News doesn’t. So, if you are going to use the Flipboard News Briefing App on  Samsung Gear S3, you sure will be using it on the Samsung Gear S4 as well. So, if you are on the go and need to catch up with all the latest News of the world, get this App on your Samsung Gear S3.

Flipboard News Feeding

Find my Car App 

If you are someone who generally has to face problems finding your car in the parking lot, this is the App, you’ve been waiting for. Find my car is the App, which will help you mark your car’s location whenever you park it, and whenever you are back near the car and looking for it, the App will remind you on your watch, about where you Parked the car.

Find my Car is the Best Gear S3 App

Fruit Ninja gaming App

You sure would have heard of or played the Famous game, Fruit Ninja, on your Android cell phone. Well, the game is now available for Smartwatch. And this means that one of the finest Samsung Gear S3 Apps, Fruit Ninja has to be counted. This is one of the best Games which you can play real quick. And now that it is available on the Watch, you can just sit anywhere and start playing it.

Fruit Ninja for Android Smartwatch

Pear Fitness App 

Now, Pear is another Fitness App for your Samsung Gear S3. You can do lots of stuff with this App, and make the best out of it by dividing laps, setting stopwatch, a timer, or whatever you need for your Fitness routine. It is one of the best Fitness Trackers for the Samsung Gear S3. The best thing is that it is a better alternative to the Samsung’s default Health App.

Pear for Samsung Gear S3

White Light App

In my opinion this is one of the simplest of all the Samsung Gear S3 Apps, still one of the most useful. Why? Well, that is because whenever you need to look for something in the dark, this App will help you make your Gear S3’s Screen light up with bright white light, giving you a good beam, making you able to see things even in Dark.

White Light App on Samsung Gear

So, you see these were some of the 10 most useful and the Best Samsung Gear S3 Apps. I really hope you found these useful, and these Apps make your life a bit easier, as you are on the Go. Although, these Apps are enough, still why not show more when I can? So, for that reason, I have mentioned a few more useful Apps for Samsung Gear S3, below.

Some Additional useful Samsung Gear S3 Apps

Even if you don’t leave your Gear S3 alone ever, the list above will be all you need, still, if you ever get to need some more utilities, I have listed a few more useful Gear S3 Apps below. Have a look.

1. Glympse

Well, Glympse is all about locating your friends and getting to meet them. It makes your life a lot simpler, the reason that I still didn’t add it to the list above is that the Google Maps can perform somewhat similar functions too. Still, to locate your friends, to send or request yours or a friend’s location you might really find this App very very useful.

Glympse App for Gear S3

2. TripCase

This app is going to be a gem for you if you keep traveling Internationally, and are not very amused with the Hotel and Car/Taxi rentals. This App will plan everything for you, and will even notify you of everything, on your wrist. Amazing, isn’t it?

TripCase for Samsung Gear

3. Here WeGo

Here WeGo is the Official Maps App by Microsoft. It has all the best GPS location features which you or anyone else would want to have in a Smartwatch. In my opinion, this is the Best Maps and GPS App for a Smartwatch.

HERE WeGo Smart Watch app

4. Camera Gear

For people who like to Click Pictures, this App solves many problems quite easily. Having trouble setting up the Timer? Don’t worry, Camera Gear for Samsung Gear S3 will solve all of that in a click (Literally, in a click).

Camera Gear for Samsung Gear S3

5. BMW Connected

Have you watched James Bond? Don’t you just love the way he gets everything about his car on his wrist? He sure owns a Smartwatch, right? Well, so do you. So, why can’t you get all the information of your BMW on your Wrist? Ummm, who said you can’t? The New Samsung Gear S3 can have an App, named BMW Connected. And, then if in case you own a Compatible BMW, you can get all of your Car’s Stats on your Watch. This will make your life much more cool, and comfortable.

BMW Connected Gear S3 App

Final Word For Samsung Gear S3 Apps by Techabby

All above-mentioned apps are the best apps for the Samsung Gear S3. Techabby mentioned these apps after checking them properly by using them in our Gear S3 smartwatch. We found these apps very useful for us. These apps help in our day to day life. We have so many uses of these apps. All over, these are best apps for Samsung Gear S3 which you must have in your Gear S3 smartwatch. Downloading link of these apps are also mentioned above.

We hope you love this gear s3 apps collection by Techabby. If you think that we should add some more apps to the list or should make some changes in this article then please let us know in the comments. We will appreciate your involvement in improving our content because if you read then we feel satisfied.

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