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All Time Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps to try in 2018

Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps of all timeSamsung is one of the greatest Smartphone Manufacturers. Beginning its Journey into the Android Smartphone market with the ultimate Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung has come a long way now. Although we know Samsung doesn’t only Produce Cell Phones, it also has a market in other Electronic Appliances, the Japanese Manufacturer still excels the most when it comes to selling Smart Phones. But, again that is not it. Apart from just these Smart Phones, Samsung has also created some of the best Gadgets, and accessories which are totally compatible with these Smart Phones. And, Samsung Gear S2 is one of those. The SmartWatch, when it came out, became a sudden hit and sold more than a million pieces very quickly. The reason was the Ease of Access, Affordable Price Range, and its extreme Usefulness.

But, one thing that every Samsung Gear S2 owner has always wanted to focus on and know better about is a list of the Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps. And, if you too are looking for the same, this article is for you.

Introduction to Samsung Gear S2 and Best Gear S2 Apps:

Okay, so before we head on to Declaring the Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps, I really feel the need to talk a bit about the Samsung Gear S2 itself. So, Gear S2, as I already told is a SmartWatch by Apple, which came out on October 2nd, 2015. With the vision of totally improvising the SmartWatch Experience, syncing with the Android OS, Samsung brought out the Gear S2. And, the best thing that happened to Samsung was its success. It really became famous when it came out. Below here are some of the best Samsung Gear S2 Specs, have a look.

Samsung Gear S2 Specifications and Features:

  • Heart rate monitor.
  • 1GHz Exynos 3250.
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC connectivity.
  • 512MB RAM.
  • 4GB storage.
  • Circular watch face.
  • 1.2in 360×360 AMOLED display.
  • 42.3 x 49.8 x 11.4 mm Dial/Screen.

Obviously, the Specs might seem to be not the latest in the year 2018, still, these used to Rock the market Hot, in 2015. Now, as Samsung Gear S2 had such a great collection of the Specs, obviously people would expect it to perform really well with Applications as well. The Gear S2 Apps are the Android compatible Applications, which are both Compatible with the Android Phone, and the SmartWatch as well. Although there were some special Samsung Gear S2 Apps, to know about the Best of those, keep reading this article.

List of Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps

Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps list which you must try in 2018.
Name of the AppDownload Link
Uber AppClick here to download
Camera GearClick here to download
Notifications AppClick here to download
Xenozu YouTube Player appClick here to download
Twitter Trends AppClick here to download
Calorie Burner S2Click here to download
Pandora OnlineClick here to download
Calculator ProClick here to download
Travel Phrasebook appClick here to download
Here NavigatorClick here to download

Top 10 Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps of All Time (2018 Updated list)

Okay, so in the sections above you read about Introduction of Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S2 Apps. Now, is the time when you get to know about the 10 Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps of All Time.

1. Uber App for Gear S2

Now, to be honest, Uber is one Application which every SmartPhone nowadays needs to have. The reason simply is the need. Whenever you are in a need or drunk, or unable to Drive by yourself, or even if you don’t have a Car in the first place, an Uber is what you Run to, right? Well, in that case as a Samsung Gear S2 user, Uber will be your true friend. The best thing about the Uber SmartWatch App is that it even has a Set-Pickup Screen, on which you can Choose the pickup location on the map, by Pinch Zoom. Cool, isn’t it? Uber for SmartWatch has all the important Uber Options, including UberX, and Uber Pool as well.

Uber for SmartWatch

2. Camera Gear for Gear S2 smartwatch

I remember using the Built-in Camera Button on the Moto 360, it was Fun, but what is even better? The answer is Camera Gear for Samsung Gear S2. No Samsung Gear S2 Apps list can ever be complete without this mention. The reason is the amazing features. It lets you access your Phone’s Camera on your Watch. This simply means that you can see on your Watch, whatever your Phone is Filming or Clicking, at the Exact Same Time. This too is one very cool App, isn’t it?

Camera Gear for Gear S2

3. Notifications App for Gear S2

Another Fantastic Gear S2 App is the Notifications for Gear S2. This App is very simple and basic, and equally Amazing. With this App, you can receive all the most Important Notifications from Gmail, WhatsApp, Line, Kakao Talk, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, or any other social media app whatsoever. The looks Schemes are amazing and look great on the Wrist. I highly recommend you try this once.

Notifications for Samsung Gear S2

4. Xenozu YouTube Player app for Gear S2

For everyone who wanted to Watch YouTube Videos on the Samsung Gear S2, but couldn’t as there is no Official YouTube App support for SmartWatches, this is the solution. I know the pain of not being able to watch the YouTube Videos, on the go, but that no more is a problem now. Download the Xenozu YouTube Player now, and that’s it. You will easily be able to watch all your Favourite YouTube Videos on Samsung Gear S2.

Xenozu YouTube Player for Samsung Gear S2

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5. Twitter Trends App by twitter for Gear S2

One of the Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps is the Twitter Trends. In such a busy world these days, it is often difficult to be up to date with all the News and Updates of in and around the world. Also, not everyone has enough time to keep checking and scrolling down the Social Media Pages. For such people, who are always on the Go, Twitter Trends is one Amazing Gear S2 App. With this App, you can get all of your Twitter Feed, on your Wrist. Too cool, isn’t it?

Twitter Trends for Gear S2, Samsung Gear S2 Apps

6. Calorie Burner S2 For Samsung Gear S2

For all the Fitness Freaks and enthusiasts out there, the Calorie Burner S2 is a Great Package. Somewhat Similar to Google Fit, this app tracks your Workout Data in a better way, making it all appear in more convenient form to let you analyze more easily. You can now set Goals, and break those to Set new Workout Goals. It is not going to be a thing to worry about from Now On.

Calorie Burner for Samsung Gear S2

7. Pandora Online App for Gear S2

Okay, so now this is one of the most useful Android Apps for a SmartWatch ever. The reason for this appreciation is the application and the usage that it serves. Pandora Online is a Car Safety App, which lets you know a lot about your Car, even when you are not around it. You can get to know about the Inside and outside Temperatures, the Fuel Quantity, Safety, and even the GPS Location of your Car using Pandora Online. No wonder it is the best ever made.

Calorie Burner for Samsung Gear S2

8. Calculator Pro for Samsung Gear S2

Not the most useful, still when your Phone is away, and you are wearing your Samsung Gear S2, this app will save you from Mind Boggling calculations. Calculator Pro is an easy to use, user-friendly and very simple SmartWatch App. It serves the purpose and doesn’t take too much space, just as a Good App should be.

Calculator Pro for Samsung Gear S2

9. Travel Phrasebook app for Gear S2

This is one of the Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps for Travel. If you are traveling most of the time, and are on the go, and need directions, Hotel Bookings and a place to manage the Local Language, this App is for you. What this App does is gives you some of the Best Phrases Suggestions, depending on the locality you are in around the world. This way, you will hardly have a problem while traveling to a place, which’s language is alien to you.

Travel Translator for Samsung Gear S2

10. Here Navigator for Gear S2

One thing that Apple has never been good with is the Apple Maps. Have you ever used that App? I wish you haven’t had to, and I wish you never have to. The reason is that it can never guide you right, and it doesn’t have more than around 90% Local Places Registered, so you know it is meant to be a fail. But, the best thing about using Android comes in here, you can always use Here Navigator in Sync with your Samsung Gear S2. Here Maps by Nokia (Microsoft) is truly the Best Navigation App that ever came out. So, go on and Download it.

Here Navigator for Gear S2

So, you see these here were the 10 Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps of All Time. I hope you found this article useful, and if you did, then please Share it with your friends, and do not forget to Subscribe to our Newsletter, because its Free. Stay in touch with us by one way or the other, for the best content you’ve ever read about Technology.

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