Best Places to Read Manga Online Now
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6 of the Best Places to Read Manga Online

Best Places to Read Manga OnlineThe first decade of the 20th century saw the rise of Anime industry in the West and as a result, the Manga was accepted exceptionally well in the Western civilization. None of us would have expected such sort of dominance by an Asian comic style with a totally different way of storytelling and reflect mostly Eastern art. If you are a part of the humungous fan base of the manga and crave for them on frequent occasions, then you must be looking for the places to read manga online, then you should consider the below-mentioned options.

In the earlier days, there were a ton of problems including unavailability of the native languages as most of them were available in Korean or Japanese and were usually the scanned copies of the originals and the poor quality of the translations available. But, along with the timeline, these problems were resolved to very much extent by the evolution of the eBooks and the rise of the other websites which offered legal access to the manga.

6 of the Best Places to Read Manga Online:

If you are looking for the places for reading manga online, you can get them at these places.

6 Best Places to Read Manga Online, Read Manga Online


The Weekly Shonen Jump or the WSJ manga magazine seems to be one of the best ways to go through the latest titles with a minimal cost of around 50 cents for an issue (or $25.99 per annum). The magazine features the latest running titles and concurrent series in each issue and that too in English. WSJ is the oldest running source of manga information and has been running successfully for a number of years.


Comic Walker offers a collection of more than hundreds of titles with almost no cost. Comic Walker is considered as one of the premier archives available on the internet with an unmatched speed. The site is able to display the manga in the browser interface, eliminating the need of a PDF reader or any other app; and loads the book with a very good pace and browser controls are also good and work well.


Another site with a huge collection of both mange and anime in the archive, Crunchyroll proves to be a top pick in the race of the best and legal manga access sites. The website is pretty easy to access and loads titles quickly that too in the browser itself. There are a number of popular titles along with many lesser known ones on the website. The website will charge you an access cost of $6.95 per month after you have exhausted your 15-day free trial. The cost seems to be pretty high but believes us when we say, it’s worth each cent you pay.


Well, this site does offer you a number of titles including almost every title that has ever hit the market from the earliest to the latest ones. Mangapanda, like other sites, also renders the titles in the browser and works with a great speed and above all, the site’s content is free of cost as there are a number of ads that support the website and appear to be legitimate as far as anyone can tell.

But there is a little bit of a problem with the website. The website may not be appropriate for the minors or does not prove safe for work. The home page features and ad for a sex game along with a C bomb in the title.


There are a lot of similarities between Mangapanda and Mangafox but a major difference between these two sites is that the Mangafox lacks the mainstream manga while Mangapanda has them in abundance. But having non-mainstream mange has its own advantage, it is meant for the peoples who want to explore the depths of the mange and are willing to try some new stuff.

The site is very easy to access with a great speed and availability of both the search and category sections. Like other sites, Mangafox also renders titles in the browser and everything seems to be fine.


The last but not the least, the Amazon owned Comixology is home to the thousands of comic books which include a number of mange. There are a number of categories to pick from. The selection is pretty decent and covers the majority of the popular titles and promise a number of them on the very exact day of their release in Asia. So if you are a first-day first show type of guy, this is the place to be for you.

Most of the titles can be accessed only after paying for them, but there is a number available for free access too. You have to buy them first to read. Other than this the website is pretty clean and works very well and is easy to use.

Apart from these, there tonnes of other websites available on the internet for reading mange, but these are one of the finest ones. The list features the free titles, the collectibles, and the premium ones, so no one gets disappointed.

If you know any better sites than the above-mentioned ones please drop a comment for us.

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