The Best Modded Kiks
The Best Modded Kiks

The Best Modded Kiks 2018

Best Modded Kiks: Kik messenger, commonly known as Kik, is one of the most popular freeware instant messaging mobile application developed and maintained by a Canadian company called Kik Interactive, available free of cost on all popular platforms like iOS and Android. Kik Messenger can be used for many purposes and as a reason it is liked by various sections of the population. A modded kik refers to the little bit of modification in the application’s code line which manipulates the application to perform some specific functions, whether it is changing the functionality of application at some point or making it a bit speedy it is. Basically, it is unauthorised by the developers but they still let it go.

The Best Modded Kiks
The Best Modded Kiks

What is the point of modded kik?                                  

These modded kiks lets you use the application in your ways. You can use it to make the app a bit quicker or change the appearance or you can use them to do a number of tricks. Usually the modded versions change the application’s appearance but the range extends to changing the image storage or changing message acknowledgements.

The modded kiks come with a safety disclosure. Yes, the risk they pose is that the older ones or the lesser known mods can be infected with malware or worse. In the beginning, kik’s bugs held the power to expose your identity or could even slow down the user experience. A simple video link or crash card sent as image or video can hand over your identity i.e. your IP addresses to the hackers who in turn can crash your phones or even worse, they can steal your data too. The majority of the population which is engaged in these type of threat activities includes the teenagers.

As we all know, the usage of mobile phones by us has reached an all-time highest and the data it contains needs to be protected by all sort of threats. The modded kiks can help you with that too. These type of kiks provide protection against all types of lag codes or other vulnerabilities.


Nullkik usually tweaks the looks and the behaviour of the kik with a variety of backgrounds, UI and fonts and also some cool colour changes that make the user experience pretty fancy and attractive. Moreover, this kik seems free of any sort of malwares or any other threats.


This seems to be one of the most popular modded kiks available, as there are a number of modded kiks of Pikek available on the internet. In some of the further modded Pikeks, you get the feature to fake the camera in some ways. Apart from this, the Pikek allows you to modify the profile image, the font size and colour, background color and image and some other UI changes are also enabled in this modded kik.


Apart from a fancy name, the Ghost kik is one of the lighter versions of the kiks available. This light kik has some sort of modifications that makes the application light which further makes the app use very less amount of data as compared to the other kiks. Other than that, the modded kik works well.

There are some hacked versions of Ghost kik available on the internet that are found to be infected by some sorts of malwares or other nefarious codes that can cause any sort of trouble to you and your data. So make sure if you go downloading Ghost kik, make sure you do it from a legit and reliable source


This is an enhanced version of Pikik and comes with some cool modifications to the original kik. It lets you disable the ‘is typing’ feature which lets the receiving party to see the sender is typing the message and also enables blocking the read receipts. Other security options include disabling the forwarding of your messages. You can also make use of URLs in chats.


Matrik3 is one another modded kik which comes with a number of security and appearance tweaks. Some of the features include disabling message receipts and ‘is typing’ featured discussed above. You can also disable downloading of images and can use many types of emoticons in the chat. There is a feature called fake camera and an anti-spam blocker which looks to be working properly.

Some other modded versions of the kiks are Islamik which too is a cosmetic kik, BHKik which lets you using multiple accounts at the same time. Merge is another modded kik which is a modified version of BHKik, Bio for Pikkik2 and some other ones are pretty good too.

As discussed earlier, these modded versions are the unofficial ones and may contain any type of threats and problems. So you better be cautious while using the and download them from a legitimate and reliable source and be cautious with the permissions the application asks you for.

If there are any other modded kiks available which prove to be useful and then leave a comment.

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