Games like Diablo 3
Games like Diablo 3

Top 10 Best ‘Games Like Diablo’ You Must Play In 2018

Games Like Diablo & Diablo 3. Hello Peeps! Are you a gamer and love to play games? If Yes, then Ditto. I am also a gaming lover. I love to play games. This article is for those gamers, who got bored of playing Diablo & Diablo 3. Today, in this blog I am going to share the list of Best “Games like Diablo 3” that you must play in 2018. Well, I know some of you are not aware of this game. Don’t worry Let’s start the article with a brief introduction to this game. So, let’s move ahead.

Introduction: Diablo & Diablo 3

So for those who are not aware of Diablo. Let me tell you, Diablo is Action game in which you have to play roles. It is a role-playing game. Diablo game was first released in 1997. It is a pc game and is available on PlayStation also. This is a multiplayer game. In this game, we have three character class distribution having unique skills according to their class. Well, I think I should share the names of those three classes with you, Have a look below:

  1. Sorcerer
  2. Warrior
  3. Rogue

To know about this game in deep, just click here

Now, I think we should not waste more time and go ahead. So, If you get bored of playing Diablo and Diablo 3. I have some other options for you. You can try these alternatives of Diablo 3.They are very good games as compare to Diablo.

List of Best Games like Diablo 3 you must try in 2018:

Well, Let’s start with the first alternative game of Diablo 3.

  1. Path Of Exile
  2. Marvel heroes
  3. Magicka 2
  4. Heroes Of Ruin
  5. Silent Hill Book of Memories
  6. Grim Dawn
  7. The Mighty Quest of Epic Loot
  8. Titan Quest
  9. Torchlight 2
  10. Archangel

Path Of Exile

Games Like Diablo 3
Path of Exile, Games Like Diablo 3

Path of Exile is the first alternative game of Diablo 3. You must try this action role-playing game. It has very good graphics and supports windows. This is hack & Slash game. In this game, the player has to explore the caves and large areas present in the game. Different Playing modes are available, Some of the permanent modes are given below:

  • Hardcore Bestiary
  • Bestiary
  • Standard
  • Hardcore

You must try this amazing game over Diablo.

Marvel Heroes

Games like Diablo 3
Marvel-Heroes Games Like Diablo 3

One of the best alternative to Diablo 3. Marve Heroes is available for all the windows devices. Diablo 3 lovers will definitely love this awesome action game. In this game, you have 52 characters of Marvel comics like Captain America and Iron Man. Well, I will suggest this game for you all. It has 3D graphics. You must try this game over Diablo 3.

Magicka 2

Game like diablo 3
Magicka-2, Games like Diablo 3

One of the popular games of all time that you should try. It is just like Diablo 3. I guarantee if you try this awesome game, you will get addicted to it. This game is available on Play station 4 and Windows Pc. You can play it with both keyboard and joystick. It is an action drama game which you would love to play. Magicka is just like Diablo 3. So, don’t forget to try this awesome graphics game.

Heroes of Ruin

Games like Diablo 3
Heroes of Ruin, Games like Diablo 3

Well, this game is only for the Nintendo users. Heroes of Ruin is the best alternative game to Diablo 3. This is a role-playing game with full of action.You will really like this game. In this game, the player fights with the enemies. You must try this best game if you are getting bored of playing Diablo 3.

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Silent Hill Book Of Memories

Games like Diablo 3
Silent Hill Games like Diablo 3

This game is not that much exciting but still, we can rate it ok ok. You can run this game on PSVita. This game is lil bit similar to the Diablo 3. But In my opinion, it is not a very interesting game. The elements of this game are very similar to Diablo 3. Well, If you are looking to try something new you can go for it.

Grim Dawn

Grim-Dawn-Games like Diablo 3
Grim-Dawn-Games like Diablo 3

If we are talking about the list of games like Diablo 3 then how can I forget about Grim Dawn. This game is really very very interesting. I will strongly recommend this game to you all. You all must try this game. the Victorian Era Dark Fantasy world can be experienced while playing Grim Dawn. So, what are you waiting for? Just add it to your list and start playing Grim Dawn.

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The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Games like diablo 3
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, Games like Diablo 3

We can’t compare this game completely with Diablo 3 but some elements are similar to it. I don’t think that Diablo Fans will love this game. So, If you are looking a game to replace with Diablo 3 then this is not the perfect pick for you. But If you are looking to try something different then this is the best pick for you. Moving to the next game.

Titan Quest

Games like Diablo 3
Titan Quest, games like Diablo 3

In most of the games which are similar to Diablo 3, you have to complete quests that are given to you. In this game, You have to do the same. You have to complete the quests given to you to gain points and increase your ranks. This game has the same elements like Diablo 3 and You should try this game for at least one time. This is really a very nice game at the place of Diablo 3. I will suggest this game to you at the place of Diablo 3. You can run this game on both IOS and Android.

Torchlight 2

Trchlight 2, Games Like Diablo
Torchlight 2, Games Like Diablo

Diablo 3 lovers will like this game very much. This is action role-playing game with hack and slash. Runic Games are the developers of this game. You can easily run this game on Windows, Os X and Linux. This game deserves the replacement with Diablo 3. Graphics of this game are best. I recommend this game to every Diablo lover to try something new and different.


Games like Diablo 3
Archangel Games like diablo 3

Here comes the last game on our list of “Games like Diablo & Diablo 3”. Just like Diablo 3, it is also an Action RPG game. You would love to play this game if you like adventure, action, horror and science fiction. This is the best alternative to Diablo 3. So, If you are bored of playing Diablo 3 then you can play this game.

All above-mentioned games are the games like Diablo 3. If you are bored of playing Diablo 3 then you can play these alternatives of Diablo 3. Hope the above article is useful for you and helped you. If you have any query then let us know in the comments. We would to hear from you. If you want to suggest some changes in the above article then also let us know.


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