Amazon Accept Paypal
Amazon Accept Paypal

Does Amazon Accept Paypal?

Amazon accepts PayPal or not: Amazon is one of the most powerful name as far as the e-commerce and cloud computing is concerned. The American e-commerce giant is the world’s largest online retailer in the world in terms of revenue and market capitalisation. Amazon is the world’s largest cloud infrastructure provider and overall is the fifth most valuable company in the world (left behind by Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook).

If you know Amazon, you must have heard of PayPal. In case you don’t, then for your information PayPal is an American company that serves as an electronic payment processor for online transactions. And, in this business, PayPal kinda holds monopoly. PayPal sweeps other companies and service providers in this business.

Now, as one is the best online store and the other is the best payment option available online, do they collaborate? Does Amazon accept PayPal?

Well basically it doesn’t.

But in the era we live in, there is always an other way around. So is in this case.

amazon accepts paypal
amazon Paypal

Why Amazon does not accept PayPal?

Well for the last decade PayPal has been a subsidiary of eBay, the bad blood of Amazon. A penny made by the PayPal went into the eBay’s pocket. And if by any chance, Amazon used PayPal at that time, it would be like providing all of the Amazon’s transactions related stats to the eBay, that by the way would be a very essential data.

Moreover, in 2015, eBay terminated the contract that allied both the companies and set PayPal free. But by that time, Amazon has started its own payment method by the name of “Amazon Pay”. All the profits from “Amazon Pay” goes directly to the Amazon. So there is no chance of accepting PayPal by the Amazon when it has its own payment portal. Why would any company pick some other companies’ services when it has its own!

These were the possible reasons Amazon and PayPal do not stand good on terms.

How to use PayPal to pay for Amazon purchases?

So now we know that Amazon does not accept PayPal payments so how to spend PayPal balance on Amazon website?

As mentioned earlier, there are always ‘other ways’ for doing things. So if you have PayPal balance and you wish to spend it on the Amazon website, there are few methods available.

You can try these.

Use Gift Cards

There are a wide range of gift cards sold by PayPal out there including gift cards for Apple, Best Buy, GameStop, Uber and many more. And surprisingly it sells Amazon gift cards too. Amazon gift cards at the price of $25, $50 or $100 are available for the purchase. You can buy them by paying through PayPal balance and redeem them directly on the Amazon website.

Use A Paypal Debit Card

PayPal Access, the debit card from PayPal is pretty much similar to the other debit cards. It is run by MasterCard and it is usable everywhere that accept MasterCard, of which, there are millions of outlets available across the globe.

Like PayPal, the PayPal Access card also charges some fees for the transaction but serves as a method to pay for Amazon purchase using PayPal balance. If you have PayPal Access, all you need to do is to add it to your Amazon account and select it as the payment method during the purchase. And if you don’t have the card, you can apply for it from the PayPal’s website and you’ll get in a couple of days.

In my opinion, PayPal Access is not the suitable option to pay for the purchase on the Amazon website. The reason being the fees it charges for the transaction. It charges a considerable amount as the fees but still it is a method to spend PayPal balance on the Amazon website.

Buy Gift Cards From Third Party Vendors

It’s not necessary to buy gift cards directly from PayPal. You can buy theme from other websites. There are tonnes of websites available out there selling these gift cards. These websites often provide special discounts on these gift cards and they also sell them at cheaper rates. Some of these websites include Gyft and eGifter. You can check these out before purchasing the gift cards from PayPal.

Some More Options

You can connect the same bank account to both PayPal and Amazon. As soon as you have balance on PayPal, transfer it to the bank account and use that account for payment at the Amazon.

Due to past reasons and conflicts, PayPal and Amazon do not stand together, and will hardly be doing this. But as said earlier, in today’s era of technology and hacks and cracks, there is always an other way around. Above are a few methods to use PayPal balance on Amazon website for any sort of transaction. Hope these will help you and ease your work. These won’t work if you are interested in buying Cloud services from Amazon, but could help you out while purchasing the products from the website.

If you know any other method to do the same, drop a comment.

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