10 minute mail alternatives
10 minute mail alternatives

10 Minute Mail Best alternatives You should try in 2018

Best alternatives to 10 Minute Mail: Temporary email has become the need of everyone nowadays. Many sites require email id to access them but when we give them our email they fill our email inbox with the spam emails.

So, we make temporary emails from the site 10 Minute mail but now, there are so many other sites like 10-minute mail which we can use to make temporary e-mail. Now, we have other alternatives to 10-minute mail.

If you are looking for temporary emails and want to try something other than 10-minute mail then this article is for you because in this article we will provide the list of sites like 10 minute mail.

10 Minute Mail: Introduction

10 minute mail alternatives

10 Minute mail is a site where you can create temporary e-mail for the temporary use. The demand of temporary mails is increasing day by day. Do you know why?  This is because sites take our emails and do spamming send marketing mails and other spam mails which fills our inbox.

So, To protect us from all these unwanted emails 10 Minute mail allows us to create temporary email id which we can use to access these sites.

Now, If you get tired of using the same site 10 Minute mail from last few months or years and thinking to try new Sites which provide temporary email ids then here is the list of best alternatives to 10 minute Mail.

Why Use Temporary Email ID?

We have clearly answered this question in the above paragraph. There are so many sites which ask for our e-mail id to access them. After taking our email they start sending marketing mails to us or do spam by sending emails daily.

Those unwanted emails are of no use and cover our e-mail storage. To avoid these unwanted e-mails, we create temporary emails using sites like 10 Minute mail. Now, without wasting time let’s check out the list of 10 Minute Mail alternatives.

10 Minute Mail Alternative Sites list

Now, let’s have a look at the 10 Minute Mail Alternative sites. We can create temporary email id using these sites too. For a change, you must try these sites which are like 10 Minute Mail.


Getairmail is similar to 10 Minute mail. Using Getairmail you can generate temporary email id just by click on the “Get Temporary Email” button. This will generate the temporary e-mail for you using random words and provides you temporary inbox generated by them. You can choose the domain of your choice to make it cool and attractive.

The starting letters of email can’t be changed as they are made using random words. This site is pretty cool and easy to operate you must try this site to make temporary e-mails.

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Mailinator is a famous site from years. This is a very good site which provides a unique temporary email address for you and also gives you suggestions for selecting the name of email id. Mailinator is easy to use and operate.

For single use, it is free of cost. And If you need emails in bulk for enterprise use, these all are available but paid. You can easily setup everything in few seconds. So, this site is the best alternative to 10 Minute mail. You should try this for once and I guarantee you will not shift back to 10 Minute mail.

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Dispostable is not that much interesting. It only allows you to choose the id which ends with @dispostable.com. Even it don’t suggest the names for the id address.

All what you can do on this site is create a name for email-id and get access to email inbox. I don’t find this site impressive but yea your work can be done here too. It can create a temporary e-mail for you easily and fast.

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Fake Mail Generator

FakeMailGenerator is also similar to all other sites but you will love this site if you don’t want to waste your time.You can use FakeMailGenerator, when you are in so much hurry. When you open the site, it generates e-mail itself and have the copy option available. All you have to do is just click on copy button and paste wherever you need to add that email address.

Isn’t it good? It saves all our time. And If you don’t like the address then it will regenerate one for you easily.

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If You like Mailinator then you would definitely love to use MailDrop. Both the sites are similar.  Mail Drop Also allow you to select email address or domain name of your choice and it gives you suggestions while creating email address. This is also the best alternative to 10 Minute mail and you should try it once.

Accessing Mail drop is free. There are no charges to create e-mail address on the Mail Drop. It provides you email address with domain name of your choice which looks impressive and it provides you inbox too.

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TempEmail is the temporary email generator which generates your email when you arrive the site. It is easy to use. When you open the site it will generate your email address and provide you the inbox area. If you want to change the email address, you can change it but it will take time because before that you have to login to the site.

After Logging into the site, You can change the email address on the top easily and can access inbox. This site is easy to use and is also saves time if you don’t care about the email address. It automatically generates one for you and you can copy that faster just by clicking on the copy button.

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Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is one of the oldest site which provides a temporary email address with the inbox access which is available till the session closes.

Services of Guerrilla E-mail are pretty good. As they provides domain name Sharklasers. Who don’t want these email addresses?  They are lit. But still if you don’t like this domain name you ahve some other options too. You can change your domain name and email address on this site.

This is one of the powerful and best alternatives for 10 Minute mail.

Final Words

This is all for the 10 Minute Alternatives. All the above-mentioned sites are really very good and offer good services. You can try these sites at the place of 10 Minute Mail. Don’t think they are less than each other all are giving competiton to each other. You should try all these sites. This updated list of site from Techabby. We will keep you updates with all these type of updates and all our articles get updated time to time. If you think we should add something more in the content then do let us know in the comments.

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